Ex-Microsoft engineer convicted of 18 felonies after stealing $10M in digital currencies from Microsoft to make extravagant purchases

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/02/26/bitcoin-crime-microsoft.html

‘Used accounts and passwords of other employees to embezzle digital currency’ — DoJ


MICROSOFT: “I can’t believe that Ukrainian hacker we hired did something like this!”


That takes some balls. If he had used his lakefront house as a corporate retreat and ferried people to it in his Tesla I might consider that argument, but given the facts of the case it looks like the baldest face lie in the world.


I highly recommend reading the DOJ complaint. It’s a really fascinating read on both the investigation itself and the cajones of this guy to do what he did. It’s like Office Space come to life. If he didn’t get so greedy I can imagine nobody noticing.


Yup. Way too greedy. If you’ve stolen 10 mil, it’s time cash out, leave the country you stole it in and retire.

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There’s something about the term “wire fraud” that seems quaint and old-timey. Like you should accomplish it using a candlestick phone.


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