Ex-Reuters social media editor Matthew Keys found guilty of 3 federal counts of hacking

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ArsTechnica has a twit from him stating that he will appeal. Not gonna bother with a link for now.

I only know about this what I got from skimming a few articles, so I ask this in all innocent curiosity: is there any larger context to or agenda for him posting these passwords?

Edward Snowden, Aaron Swartz, that “weev” dude–even if you think their reasons for doing what they did were bad or insufficient, they did have reasons, at least in the case of the things that got them in legal trouble. That is, reasons beyond pure internet mischief or lulz. Is there anything like that here?

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I think one of the problems in cyber-crime prosecution is that there is not enough nuance to the laws.

There should be a law regarding what this was which was cyber vandalism. Let them go after him in civil court for damages if they can prove any. He should do a couple hundred hours community service.


From the very little I’ve read he seems to be guilty of the crime, and moreover to have done wrong - but 25 years imprisonment worth? That doesn’t seem to make sense.


The legislators (or, more accurately, the legislative aides) who wrote the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act back in the 80’s had essentially zero grasp of computers. They got one thing right, the law is definitely abusive. This was an era when the general public’s concept of computer networks came from fantasy films like WarGames. Fast forward through 30 years of more Hollywood bullcrap and the the only differences are electorate-pandering prosecutors that see a CFAA conviction as a way to appear “tough” on computer crime, and a half-dozen amendments all increasing penalties, lowering the bar for conviction and broadening the scope.

Now the Obama administration wants to expand prosecution and sentencing to, among other things, have a strategic weapon to punish foreign operatives who target the networks of America and its allies. This would be like saying the Chinese army carries pocket knives, so lets lock up any and all knife owners as enemy combatants. Sadly yet another chance for the President who I thought was smarter and savvier than that to disappoint me.


It seems very much on the same basis as most other parts of the United States Criminal Justice system.

Guy should be punished, any prison time is probably too much. If the law says otherwise, the law needs to be changed. There doesn’t seem to be any proportionality here, but we’ll see how the judge sentences.

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