Examples of "dark design patterns" -- aka, asshole designs


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I had a hard time getting Apple to refund the $50 she accidentally spent.

Boycott them.

[sent from my iPhone]


Attach one of those temporary credit card numbers or an emptied pre-paid card to your accounts.


Reminder to check your land line phone bill for unauthorized billings (which, some years back, landed me ~$450 refund). Question everything.


I do that a lot - some gadget or service will say “we aren’t going to ever charge you anything unless you specifically tell us to but you have to give us a real credit card number because totally legit reasons” and I put in an expired VISA gift card. Then after some amount of time, Roku or whoever complains to me that they couldn’t charge my card. :laughing::laughing: :laughing:


What’s a land line? /s


Oh, Honey, I’ll explain it to you along with ‘Chicken Pox Parties’ and manual transmissions.

Chicken Pox Party


What’s a land line? /s

So help me if If you say whats a computer next …



Why do people say “to hang up the phone?” and why are albums also called records?


C’mere, punk…I wanna show you my landline:

Tony Soprano beats bartender with phone

…can’t do THAT with an iPhone…


Totally unrealistic. Tony would totally be browsing on his phone and the bartender would be texting or using an app. /s


Show someone born in the twenty-first century the bomb-at-the-transmitter episode of WKRP and watch their head explode over the phone cops joke.


You made me guffaw. EXCEPT Tony would be on the toilet…


Totally unrealistic. You know nothing can smash those old Ma Bell rotary phones.


You could likely confuse a young person these days with a check book :stuck_out_tongue:


Two years ago, a pair of neighborhood shorties asked if they could borrow my phone. I handed them my pristine white slimline push-button phone with the 4-wire LANDLINE attached, and they were just boggled. I had to show them how to lift the phone out of the cradle and hang it up.


Lmao, granted outside of my office i don’t think i ever encounter wired phones. I do appreciate having an actual phone to use, i particularly relish having needy customers call me and and me not having to pick up. There’s no expectation that they can reach me whenever. I have a coworker that has a work cellphone and her customers call her whenever, even at night during the weekends.


Actual photo of my actual desk phones right now.


Could somebody explain what the scam is in that screenshot? I haven’t used a smartphone in many years, and I’ve never used an iPhone.


Which one is the prop?