Excellent Bluetooth headphones for kids with volume limit for ear safety

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Wink fun? I imagine most teens would have fun disposing of these surreptitiously, although the maker kids will be disassembling them to try and reverse the limiter. (Psst… it doesn’t work that way.)

I have to admit, thought expensive, these are somewhat appealing. My toddler has a pair of LilGadgets headphones* and they’re great except for the cord which sometimes gets tangled and which my son constantly wants to pull out anyway. I’m sure as he gets older he’ll learn to manage both, but I can see the advantage of bluetooth headphones for sure. The biggest disadvantage though is that AFAIK there is no way to stream a bluetooth signal to multiple headphones, so bluetooth headphones are strictly a one-kid, no parent solution. LilGadgets headphones can be daisy-chained, which is kinda cool especially for siblings/friends. Also, no charging. Tough call - I guess I’d use the BT headphones for the car, wired for trips via plane b/c less to worry about having charged/cables etc.

Edit: just noticed that LilGadgets has a pair of Bluetooth headphones* as well - and at almost half the price.

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How does a bluetooth device ‘sound best’ under a given OS?

With a wired device, you would be strongly influenced by the DAC and amplifier on the source device; but bluetooth is supposed to just take an A2DP input and have DAC and amp onboard. Does iOS pre-munge audio in some way notably unlike other sources?

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