Excellent interactive explanation of how mechanical watches work

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And not only a fantastically informative webpage on how mechanical clocks function, but also a meta example of how to construct a damn near perfect webpage informing on any technical matter. A perfect balance of simple useful interactive figures and leading text. A lesson to webpage authors everywhere. Well done Bartosz Ciechanowski! Here’s another of his on how GPS works.


This web page has a lot of information, very well presented. For a counterpoint, here’s an illustration from a 1944 book on watch repair. Notice that the image doesn’t rotate when you drag your finger over it.


Fuck me that’s a well executed webpage.

What is the tech and workflow behind the animations? I’ve never seen anything like that before.


If you think that’s cool check out the IWC Automatic Perpetual Calendar Moonphase Chronograph. A mechanical watch that tells you the time, MMDDYY, knows the exact number of days per month (so no flipping ahead after Feb 28th or any other month) AND automatically accounts for leap years*, while also providing a chronograph (stopwatch) that will count up to 12 hours. MSRP $34,900

*it will need to be reset during year 2400 to account for the 400 year skip-a-leap-year period. and to add an additional date plate for when we hit year 2500.


Now THAT was a wonderful thing!


your telling me thanks…

so long it’s not a pin pallet

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