Excerpt from Neal Stephenson's forthcoming novel Seveneves


Love Neal Stephenson’s books. All of them. Looking forward to this one. However, a small quibble, the N in the Seveneves title/logo looks too much like the Nespresso logo and it really bothers me :frowning:

I really like Neal Stephenson, but when I see the title of this book my brain can’t stop reading “Sevenses”.


Until I read your comment, I thought that was the title.


Me too. I thought it was going to be about a newly-discovered hobbit meal.


Is it pronounced “Seven-Eves” or “Seven-eh-ves”?

Also, is the description a hint, one year for the # of pages?

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I have sevenses. It’s afternoon tea for people who get up at 11AM (you know, the right kind of people).


I always read it as Seven eyes.

Actually, the title itself is a hint: the whole book is a palindrome. It ends this way (spoilers):

Orezyl p.m. is ro. 0.0.0+A detan gised, ebdlu owt I retalctu. 21:30:05 saw emit eh, tlluffo trohsy ad enoylno gnixaws awtino. Saert nerappa on rofdn, ag ninraw tuoht I wpu welbn oomeht.

It gets a little avant-garde in the second half of the book.


Great read, but my eyes are bleeding from the white text on black background. Reader view to the rescue!

Funny, I consider myself a fan but truly only on the strength of Snow Crash and the Baroque Cycle.

Crypto, Diamond, Anathem and Reamde all felt enjoyable enough but left no lasting impression whatsoever.

I’ll give this a try.

You didn’t mention Zodiac,so I’ll recommend that as a fun read. Closer to Snow Crash than any of the rest, but in the present-ish day.

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I really liked Diamond Age, partially for how it made the world in Snow Crash seem so elegantly obsolete, but mostly for how it was thematically enhanced by reading it as an ebook.


Neal’s website has been down at least an hour. I’d been enjoying Seveneves so far. Hopefully it will be back online shortly.

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