Exclusive: Snowden intelligence docs reveal UK spooks' malware checklist

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/02/02/doxxing-sherlock-3.html

Boing Boing is proud to publish two original documents disclosed by Edward Snowden, in connection with “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Extraordinary Rendition,” a short story written for Laura Poitras’s Astro Noise exhibition, which runs at NYC’s Whitney Museum of American Art from Feb 5 to May 1, 2016.

I read reams of these chat transcripts and I am mystified at their value to national security. These children hold some foolish beliefs, but they’re not engaged in anything more sinister than big talk and trash talk.

Let’s talk about who the enemies of freedom really are. Is our freedom really threatened by kids who engage in trash talk? Or is it threatened by those who hold up this nonsense as proof that only the bearer can save us from certain doom? This is exactly the same mechanism which ensures torture is used to generate actionable intelligence. It doesn’t matter that the kid being tortured is making shit up to make the pain stop. He’s providing valuable random values that can be the seed of an alibi for the people hurting him. They can take any sort of garbage data they want, and use it to justify whatever the hell it is they want to do.

(and let’s be honest here, they want to limit our freedoms. “it’s for a good cause”, they claim, but that is what it boils down to.)

In a world where the TSA misses 95% of the weapons presented for inspection, it’s abundantly clear that terrorism is not the threat that’s being claimed.

It’s not as if terrorism were the only possible existential threat to this nation. Things like Banskster fraud, global warming, out of control pandemics could be just as damaging as any terrorism, and quite a bit more likely to occur.

Yet people acting against those threats, end up on the no-fly lists themselves, targets of terrorist investigation. Not because they’re up to mischief, but because they are in competition with our designated protectors.

“In order to protect your freedoms, we had to destroy them” Who are the terrorists again?


Step 1) Set up two of these
Step 2) Have one call the other, let them play for a few days
Step 3) See how long it takes for the black SUVs to drop by and ask you to stop doing that.


Thanks for the interesting (96p) booklet. And yes, of course, your musings continue to entertain.
A long time ago, I foresaw this to the extent that I became concerned about what among my activities might be interesting to the intelligence community for their use, and purged them from my life to the extent possible. What they believe in is intellectual depredation at our expense for the creation of an elite that serves themselves. Well, burst that bubble. poPP!

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I liked this post. One of Cory’s better ones at explaining the problems of mass surveillance

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I’m one again impressed with the nsa logo to where I want a path or tshirt of it.

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