Execs with long coporate crime rapsheets stand up for Apple's tax evasion and "the rule of law"


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They paid good money for that law, and they want their money’s worth!


Contract with labor: An unreasonable burden on the shareholders, who deserve to not pay anyone to build things for them.
Contract with executives: Second only to the Bible in its sacrosanct nature. Should never be altered except to increase the bonus levels.


Shit don’t stink in the C-Suite, didn’t you know?




I swear these CEOs do not have souls…


Once again: the ‘tax evasion’ was Ireland’s doing, not Apple’s. Ireland has courted business for many many years by trading off tax incentives for local employment and business and it’s worked well for them. They are extremely unhappy about this ruling.


Indeed, I’m not certain why the ire is directed at Apple instead of Ireland. (Okay, I do know - Apple is a large company and the Irish government was likely expressing the will of the people who wanted jobs, even at poor corporate tax rates.)

However, I do support the EU’s ruling. The no-undercutting policy might have left Ireland as poverty-stricken as it was 40 years ago in the same way that a $15 minimum wage in an undeveloped area will keep it permanently impoverished, but that was the price that they agreed to in order gain the benefits of joining the EU.

As for rule of law - most companies are probably pretty iffy about agreements with the government being changed retroactively.


Knowing now about this very real “Business Roundtable” is going to make it a lot harder to casually laugh at the various “evil rich dudes assembled around a table” in various cartoons and 70s spy movies. Prolly won’t affect my ability to laugh at Dr. Evil’s assemblage…that tank was empty a long time ago…


Ireland doesn’t need any more ire. They have enough that the country is named for it.


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