Expert archers show how to hit a target that's behind something

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Suppose someone has to say it. “I used to be an adventurer like you…”


So the classic homophone grouping of “air, ere, err, heir, Eyre…” should now include “arrow” ??


How do you pronounce it? That’s exactly how every Minnesotan I know says it.

Source: My parents lived in Minnesota for many years.


Okay, I’ll stop making fun of archers now.


I pronounce it with two syllables. The archer rendered it monosyllabic.

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Ohhhh I heard a little exhalation after the homonym! Wonder how he says rout, root, route, and rut?


Let’s set the record straight. This is not something that requires an expert archer. It requires an expert arrow-maker. The arrows are center-weighted and will turn automatically, every time, at the same distance, if shot the same way. Every competent archer in the world can do this trick if they have the right arrows. All you have to do is put the balloons where you know the arrows will turn to.

All of Lars Andersen’s stunt shots are mechanical gimmicks involving specially rigged arrows and basic archery skill. It’s a circus act.


Sigh, I knew one of these guys would turn up. Both videos pointed out that actually making the arrow turn was not difficult. Presumably hitting a target with accuracy while turning the arrow requires some practice.

Also, bonus points for “real-archer” Lars Andersen snobbery.

Oh, and welcome to BoingBoing!


Thanks. I was actually one of the first of “these guys” as far as Andersen is concerned.

He does a good circus act. If he didn’t constantly misrepresent or invent history and pretend he’s discovered long-lost skills that are actually very well-known outside of Europe, most archers would praise him to the skies.

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The trick would be making the arrow go straight. It turns every single time, the same way, at the same distance. The practice is in figuring out where to set up the target.

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So I guess “straight as an arrow” is one of those phrases that really ought to be retired.

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Arrows almost never fly straight. There’s a thing called “the Archer’s Paradox,” arrows almost always follow a curved path, both horizontally and vertically due to physics, aerodynamics, and gravity. I say almost because a high-poundage bow with a bow that puts the arrow centered rather than off to one side will produce a pretty straight flight path, at least for 20-30 yards. For most standard gear, the arrow’s trajectory curves. The arrow itself also flexes a lot as it flies. Somehow it’s able to oscillate horizontally while simultaneously spinning, which is a really interesting physics question.


Ok, so this is just ‘air bowls’.

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I still don’t believe it

Interesting. Where I’m from, those two words don’t begin with the same sound. Seeing it phonetically spelled as if they do was a big surprise. In Mid-Atlantic states, what she’s written for error works. Arrow here has a short “a” as in hat or Harry, which do not sound like hate or hairy.

This makes me wonder how speakers in that region pronounce Harold vs. herald or marry vs. Mary. :thinking:

Yep. Also make sure you use a really underpowered bow to do your trick shots so the interesting physics of your custom arrows/trick shots actually works instead of being justl “really poorly tuned arrows in a normal weight bow with normal arrow speeds”.

Been doing archery for the last 33 years, both recurve and compound, and this guy super annoys me, so I guess I get to be one of “those guys” as well.

There are “trick” archers that are genuinely impressive, and don’t rely on making crap up and using unusual equipment to make their shots.

(action starts about a minute in)

Lars Anderson

Not a fan of using actual persons in front of the target while utilizing hunting-tip arrows. If he wants to pull this William Tell bullshit, he himself should be the person taking the risk in front of the target. Fuck this guy.

Yeah, no. You aren’t “setting the record straight”.

From Anderson’s own video description:

It’s actually quite easy, all experienced archers should easily be able to learn this.

[Emphasis added]

So you are criticizing Anderson for, well, nothing.

[Emphasis added]

This is such BS. Lars Anderson is an extremely skilled archer and can do things you cannot, not even with arrows from an “expert arrow maker.”

World famous archery trick shot Byron Ferguson notes that Anderson is the real deal:

“His skillset is tremendous,” says Byron Ferguson, owner of the Bare Bow Archery School and star archer on the History Channel’s show, Extreme Marksmen. “These shots are legitimate, despite some video editing. His speed is almost unbelievable.”

Unfortunately, some archers, especially you, still have a weird hate boner for Lars Anderson, so much so you signed up for the BBS just to trash him here, as a quick Google shows. It seems like you must have a Google Alert set for “Lars Anderson” just so you can follow him around the internet and trash him at every opportunity.

Also, you say “circus act” as if that is a bad thing, and something that requires no skill. You you use it as a pejorative. Not only do you denigrate Anderson’s skill, you denigrate the hard earned skills and athleticism of circus performers around the world.

Here’s your hate tirade on Geek Dad from back in 2015:

The intervening 5 years really haven’t made you any nicer.

You say on that link that you are a certified archery coach, certified in teaching one kind of archery, a particular slow shooting target archery system taught by USA Archery. There are lots of USA Archery certified archery coaches, and none of them have the range of skills Lars Anderson has. If you disagree, you are welcome to post video of you doing his range of skills, including his speed records, shooting arrows out of the air, etc. If what he does is so easy and only requires special arrows you, as a certified archery coach, should be able to recreate every one of his shots. You’ve had 5 years. Where is your video?

And, yes, in your case you do need to be able to do what Lars Anderson can do in order to criticize him because your thesis is specifically that what Lars does is easy, just a “mechanical gimmick” “no skill needed.” So, since you claim there is literally no skill needed to do his shots you have no excuse not to have a video of you doing all his shots by now. It’s been 5 years. Put up or shut up.