Exploding the Phone: the untold, epic story of the phone phreaks


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My first career was at a local Telco, and the old-timers there never forgave Cap’n Crunch. These guys were intensely emotionally loyal to the Bell System - it was called having a “bell-shaped head.” I had a boss who would never buy an Apple, because Jobs once built a black box. For him, it was personal.

A lot of those guys felt betrayed by Verizon - in 100 ways - but I expect they’ve all retired now.


Oh man I super want to read this book! Added to top of my Amazon book wish list, and Goodreads.

That’s funny. The phreaks basically outsmarted the phone company engineers. Not that it’s all that difficult to do…

I once made a working red box out of a Hallmark voice-recording greeting card, by recording the sound of a pay phone quarter being played into my home answering machine, then into the greeting card.

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As Aussies In the UK in 1975 we had this trick where you go to a specific public phone and repeatedly dial a number back home, hanging up at a specific point in the process of establishing the call. After three attempts or so the phone system would assume it was faulty and give you a free call.

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