Explosions, Mishaps, and Lessons Learned


Never, ever send weird malformed waves back to the mains. That is a quick way for the power company to come and investigate what the hell you are up to (so say some distille… Err, people I know)


Mom at her high school tripped many more breaker layers than I did. By the same mechanism. The lab involved phasing a generator to the mains. You spin it at the right rpm, slightly slow own or speed up to get the phase right. You use lightbulbs to see the voltage differences. There are apparently two ways to connect it, and adjust to maximum or zero brightness. When you get one adjustment for the other method, you get everything right - but the phases are 180 degrees off.

With the corresponding current surge, as you aren’t just shorting the mains, you’re actively forcing way more current than a mere hard short would be.

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