Exposing the "Razzle Dazzle" carnival scam

Because at that point the operator tells you to fuck off if you don’t want to get your legs broken?

Or as people have pointed out, if you give any indication that you think the game is being rigged, they stop rigging it and you lose quite naturally.

It’s quite cunning really. How can a mark complain about a game operator cheating in their favour?


At at least one point he added seven to the total. The numbers range from one to six. As a mathematician (who is bad at arithmetic myself), this was immensely frustrating until the reveal.


Note that the mis-adding was done to keep things interesting. The game is a scam even when played fairly.


No, the math is sound here. “48” is a special case. There’s only one way to get that sum with 8 dice. The odds of rolling “6” with each of the 8 dice is (1/6)8.

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