FAA just banned these recalled Apple laptops from flights and cargo

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How is any laptop “safe”, since short of opening up the back, you never know if the battery is a factory original or a possibly unreliable replacement?

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I’ve already run my S/N through the online tool and verified my laptop is not affected. Do I now have to do that every time I fly with the thing?


“Please note that the 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro laptop, sold between mid-2015 to February-2017 is prohibited on board any of our mandate carriers,”

Yup, I have one. Now what???

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When the hell are we going to get those fireproof lithium ion batteries they demoed on Nova a couple years ago? FFS I remember when spontaneous human combustion was a myth, now it’s a side effect of vaping.


You get a complimentary copy of the iCombust app?



Delete Facebook?

Don’t Panic

Blame Obama!

Be thankful you are not a zombied snail that will have it’s eyes eaten by multiple creatures.

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Sell it to someone who doesn’t fly and get a 2014 with a better keyboard, more ports and upgradable guts


Meanwhile, a grounded US teenager fights with her mother over the access to her twitter-thingy and nobody has been able to give me an explanation why a half empty canister labeled 110ml is a reason to be denied boarding a plane and/or why purchasing a full 1l bottle of booze in the plane works, while opening mentioned purchase while in flight oddly gets you into trouble when travelling below business-class …

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The 110 ml canister is from an outside source, coming in untested. That’s basically the same as accepting verbatim user input into a database, with no taint checking and escaping.

I think their point is, if it were 10ml smaller, it would be allowed - and it’s half empty, so there is clearly less than the permitted 100ml of liquid inside.

As for the booze, that in theory isn’t allowed even in business class, because they want to be able to cut you off before you get too drunk. Belligerently drunk passengers have caused planes to turn back to the gate, which is expensive and a hassle for everyone on board.

The really messed up part is, were this any other administration, we would only look to Apple. But considering the way the USA’s top executive is obsessed with petty vengeance for any slight and how this attitude has spread throughout, I cannot help but think that this is orchestrated as a way to get back at Tim Cook for some snub.


“Laptops that have replaced batteries won’t be impacted, the spokesperson said”

I have a 2015 macbook pro, which if I remember right wasn’t part of the recall… but which had the battery replaced in 2018 because it was swelling anyway (fun: they also replaced the screen and keyboard as a result). I guess next time I travel to the US I’ll bring along a printout of the apple recall-checking tool saying mine’s not affected.

It’s really hard to say how this could possibly work in practice at the airport. All apple computers basically look the same to me.


Can I put my shoes back on now?


You guys have it all wrong. This is Apple doing its bit to mitigate climate change by discouraging some people from flying.

Credit where credit’s due, guys.


Awesome - when I fly next week I look forward to arguing with an untrained gate agent who refuses to believe that my 13" MacBook is not a 15" MacBook pro.


Frankly I’d be surprised if any gate agent has “identify Apple product models” training.

Beyond that, bring a tape measure.

Nah, they’d just say you could use it as a garotte and confiscate it. Then set fire to your laptop.

True. Or rather blow it up, I guess. Are yardsticks TSA approved? Beyond that I guess you’d need to round up 12 churchgoing men to average their thumbs, or whatever archaic and arbitrary nonsense the standard for the lenght of an inch is.

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