Facebook reminds America's cops that they're not allowed to use fake accounts

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OTOH, an old college friend that is a parole officer uses a fake name on FB because when you have a job pissing off people with a proven history of violence putting up the sorts of info that one typically does on social media and associating your name on it is a BAD idea.


You mean your friend wouldn’t want FB friends that are violators/perps? That seems a bit…_un_friendly.

I was going to say here that I want to get a lifetime ban from FB, but then I realized that I’ve already give FB a lifetime ban from me. Better that way.


But that would suggest that laws and rules apply to them just like the folks they police. We can’t let ideas like that start to gain currency, now, can we?


I had a friend who worked at an airport, one day they had a “disruptive event” involving an unruly traveler, and she had to go by a different name on FB for almost 3 months because they (the traveler) may have learned her name.

maybe your friend could think about working for penal reform in order to reduce the risk of clients wanting to harm the agents of an unjust system, which interferes with their ability to participate in society.


So Facebook warns the cops and then what?

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Will the real Bob Smith please stand up.

It’s a not entirely dissimilar situation, but also why all of my social media accounts these days are not tied to my identity in real life. My current job does not involve any customer face time, but the last 2 did (and the one I am starting in a few weeks also will).

Back in 2010 I started having customers friend me on Facebook. And of course, my friends from high school and college are jackasses, so they would post (ancient) drunken party pics. And of course Facebook wants you to accidentally overshare, periodically resetting permissions and making them more labyrinthine (they never think quite how you think they do).


What does EFF mean? Secondly, is Memphis (MPD) unique in this?

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