Facebook sold out the internet, secretly lobbied IN FAVOUR of upload filters


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I haven’t deleted Facebook quite yet, but I have reduced my usage to ten minutes a day on the iPad, and not following any links it offers. As a result, more and more of the web is acting up, complaining that it can’t access Facebook. And Facebook itself has started to block attachments in my feed, telling me they are unavailable or that whoever shared them doesn’t have permission to share them with me.

I think I will let my Facebook account wither where it is, and pretend to be dead to it. Just to see what happens.




Its lobbying materials were an Orwellian masterpiece of doublespeak and deception.

Facebook? Impossible. You must be thinking of some other Facebook.


I’m shocked—shocked!—that Facebook would placate users with whatever lies will keep them happily generating sellable data while simultaneously positioning themselves advantageously for a future of shitty copyright legislation by acting as an ally to the big media interests driving it. What is this world coming to?


You have hit the nail spot on the head. Should probably…


You know, there’s a step-by-step on detaching the tentacles at WIRED: How to Delete Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat Accounts


With facebook’s recent behavior, no one should be using it.
Like others, I am just waiting for a competitor to rise.

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A good policy. Give it three months and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get rid of this garbage service.

I’m hoping that the federalised, de-centralised platforms gain more traction. But that depends on big brands and indy media sites implementing them for their users.


Could the competitor be basically a template and an RSS feed? You could own your own “wall,” host it however you want (ad supported free hosting, traditional hosting, a rasberry pi on your home internet connection, etc.), set your own privacy and visibility settings , and your friends could all set their own feed up the way they want it with their RSS settings.

This could do all the stuff users want from FB, without having any central organization that could be easily blocked or that censors could go to to censor stuff.


By now it is safe to assume that those fuckers will do anything for a quick buck, I suppose.

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I’m waiting for surveillance capitalism to die first. Could wait a very long time I guess, but so be it, I’ve lived without facebook for a long time. It’ll be fine.

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The mantra of the corporation: we’ll fix everything through self-regulation. No need to pass any of those pesky laws.

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