Facebook tells Native Americans that their names aren't "real"

Sometimes you need the resources for another war.

And then you have the 99% of those without a mind so your action won’t even make a dent in the total numbers and only gives you the cost, not the benefits, anyway.

I’ve always heard it as " why do you ask two dogs f*king? "
so “two dogs” was always a suggested name whenever friends were pregnant.

on the other hand, I’ve always been partial to “next” (as a name), you can always get to the beginning of a line etc…


Add another reason NOT to have a Facebook account. I refuse to deal with any entity of any sort that assumes everyone has a FB account. There are 5+ billion people in the world who do not and there are many, many people who make a conscious decision not to engage with them (even in the form of a “fake” or throwaway account).

If people choose to use FB and get value from it, that’s great - but when orgs get lazy and assume everyone has an account, then it’s a problem.

And, yes, fuck them for not having the cultural sensitivity to recognize real (or chosen) names and demanding intrusive personal info. In (slight) fairness, though - I understand that most of this “human” interaction work for the giant social network companies is farmed out to subcontracting companies in the Philippines and that although their staff may read and speak English, their cultural awareness will be quite different.


Agree 100%. I pay a minor cost for not engaging with any of the three entities listed, but I am perfectly willing to do so. May be quite different for others.

edit - “perfectly willing to do so” - meaning perfectly willing to experience slight inconvenience and/or cost

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I didn’t have the luxury of finding another job at the time, but yes, now that they’ve changed their policy, my Facebook is getting deleted. I think what Lyft did should be illegal. Yes, there are some things that are required for some jobs, like a car, a phone, an email account, dress clothes, etc. A social media account, let alone a specific one owned by a specific company, should never, ever be one of those things.


Agree completely - and also sympathetic. If I were in your situation I would certainly have swallowed my pride and created a burner profile.

Yes. FB basically waits for people to report profiles as fake, then uses what I’m betting are the equivalent of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk workers to vet the reports. Which means that when some asshole goes on a tear and decides to harass drag queens, indigenous people, etc. FB essentially supports them in their harassment campaign.


Last time I went job hunting, a bunch of the places I applied asked for your Facebook account. I wrote in: “That page contains my age, race, marital status, gender, sexual preference, religion, and political affiliation, none of which I am required to disclose as a condition of employment.”

I honestly can’t for the life of me figure out how that’s legal. It’s like saying "So, I’m not allowed to ask about your religion… But, what do you usually do on Sunday mornings, wink wink?


I refer to it as the abusive relationship I keep going back to.


Did you get a job/interview with any of them afterwards?

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I wonder what happens if you don’t have a Facebook page. I suppose it might be taken to mean that you were too weird to hire. Maybe one could submit one’s NSA dossier?

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So… you guys know that “Two Dogs Fucking” shit is totally racist, right?

Just checking.


I have a page on FB but it conveys no information other than my real name. On the other hand, Linkedin. Now I’m retired I have amused myself by putting up a completely accurate profile (at least, as accurate as I can make it) on Linkedin because I don’t care if any employer or headhunter reads it. I do get the very occasional message from someone saying “you weren’t as bad as that.”


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