Turkey orders block of Twitter's IP addresses


Not a surprise but not going to help them anyway. Picking a fight with Twitter is kind of dumb.

That FaceBook real name thing is rather less effective than they think. Used to have competitions for how many we could create.

Google’s real name policy isn’t as strict as FaceBorg’s. If you can show that you use your pseudonym regularly G+ allows you to use it. I’m a case in point. I use Sarge Misfit everywhere. When I signed up for G+ I gave them the link to my blogsite, my GMail address, 2 forums where I regularly contribute and 4 game account profiles, all of which I use “Sarge Misfit” on.


Tell that to skud.

Interesting. Google does look at it case-by-case. Some reviewer might have thought his 'nym was some sort of derogatory thing or something. I’m not going to second guess them. I will add that everybody in RL calls me Sarge.
Well, except the gov’t :slight_smile:

I guess they really are smart after all…


Although, if you really do use that nym consistently, as apparently required by google’s G+ policy, then you’ve undoubtedly published enough under it to put your identity together with a little research, no subpoena needed. Which brings it back to the original point of the article - useless for political activism under an oppressive regime.

It’s actually kind of impressive how much Turkey has done in the past week to increase the technical know-how and security skills of individual web users. If they keep this up it won’t be long before everyone in Turkey is virtually anonymized and largely untrackable. The EFF should give Erdoğan some kind of public-service award.

(Anyone surprised to hear that Chrome spell-check doesn’t recognize anonymized or untrackable?)

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I’m constantly amazed the Facebook’s spell checker continues to flag the word “Facebook”.

So, how long until protesters migrate to the “Slow Motion Night Footage of Adult Male Deer Running” comment section?

The wording of the headline made me think that Turkey was trying to reassign the Twitter IP block from ARIN in hopes of causing BGP problems, which is of course impossible. Maybe.

The focus on Twitter may well be because its default setting is public. As such its easier for grumpy politicians to see crticism of them and for them to be concerned about other voters seeing it than it is with FB etc…

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