Facebook's new AI -generated stickers include Marx with boobs and Luigi with an AR-15

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I stand corrected. “AI” really is the next industrial revolution, and not just another crypto-like boondoggle. Why, for the mere price of Costa Rica’s combined energy budget, Meta have wiped out the entire bottom end of the drawing-boobs-on-stickers industry!


The hilarious bit for me is that I’m assuming Facebook works incredibly hard to censor the usable word list, but they’re never going to catch everything that can result in objectionable material.


Other than the AI confusing AR-15s with Kalashnikovs, no.



This really reminds me of something…




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Just think, if Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of an immersive VR universe had come to pass we could all be hanging out with a large-breasted Karl Marx or assault-rifle-wielding Luigi right now.


Look, some people want to generate a Pikachu with flowers, and others want to make a 6 breasted Karl Marx being milked - and I think this world is big enough for both!

But seriously, do not like AI art. Silly toys I guess is ok, but commercial applications bad. People using it thinking they are doing art are a special kind of insufferable.

VR serves as the opiate, and AI supplies Karl’s masses!

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That Trudeau sticker is
Tv Show Fun GIF by Happy Place

There’s not really anyone who will directly object to Marx having some means of production added; but this seems like something that Nintendo will probably object to.

The mistake in the result for “Child with ar15” is curious. Just cryptic hallucinatory happenstance, or is the ongoing enthusiasm among users of child soldiers for more value-oriented options sufficiently dominant in the training set vs. family photos from unhinged Americans, to make Kalashnikovs the official child’s firearm even when the competition is requested by name?

I don’t know, Tankies are usually very transphobic.

Listen, Boobs!

“The idea that a man whose greatest theoretical contributions were made between 1840 and 1880 could “foresee” the entire dialectic of capitalism is, on the face of it, utterly preposterous. If we can still learn much from Marx’s insights, we can learn even more from the unavoidable errors of a man who was limited by an era of material scarcity and in particular a lack of boobs. We can learn how different our own era is from that of all past history, how qualitatively new are the potential shapes, sizes, and numbers of boobs that confront us, how unique the bras will have to be for the boobs that stand before us if we are to make a revolution and not another historical abortion.”

It uses this chart?


I’d guess that the stickers are assembled from pre-existing elements, because the rifle is a Kalashnikov and not a generative AI blob that doesn’t match any real rifle. Perhaps “ar15” gets parsed as “assault rifle” and the only assault rifle in the library is a Kalashnikov.

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