Fantastic electric guitar built from 1,200 colored pencils


I want that four minutes and ten seconds of my life back. You owe me.


Sure, that’s common knowledge, but the same applies to the Tele, and yet the Tele is nowhere near as ubiquitous as the Strat. Something about the image of the Strat has become synonymous with “electric guitar.” Even when it comes to cheap copies the Strat is more often copied than the Tele.


Oh man, that isn’t even remotely true. Teles are ubiquitous in their own way and making homemade teles is most certainly a certified thing. I think the belief that it is all strats is just rock music-bias of certain media.

Don’t believe me? Go to the TDPRI forums and look at all the build threads. In the spirit of the OP here, this is a guy that makes teles using nothing but hardware store yardsticks for the bodies.


Two things : tone in electric guitar is created by electricity. A 1.75" slab of anything hard is unlikely to "resonate much, if at all, making the “tonewood” critique moot. Great sounding electric guitars have been made out of almost every kind of wood and material and their tone and sustain are about electronics, and neck connections. As well, those pencils have been effectively embedded in a solid block of epoxy making the body composition effectively one piece. With a traditional backing plate anchoring the neck against the body, the load on the body /neck joint would be a laugh for all that epoxy, whose strength in several directions exceeds wood.

I’m quite sure that guitar is structurally sound and am fairly certain that if it’s wearing anything in the realm of “Strat” pickups, it probably sounds like a Strat.


OK, I think we’re arguing two different things. I myself have made my own parts-caster “tele” (see below) and have two more in the works (I prefer Teles), but the Strat design, from all available evidence, is the most copied in electric guitar history, particularly if you consider all the weird Japanese Teiscos, and British Burns models, and all those Kramer, Ibanez and Charvel/Jacksons of the 80’s – all were using the basic Strat design: offset double cutaway, multiple single coils, some kind of trem tailpiece, 6-on-a-side tuners. I see more Chinese, Japanese, and even newer Indian strat knock-offs on the used market than anything else (which is great, because you can mine them for parts.) I actually kinda hate strats now.


I play and love a spare parts tele. Plays like a thousand bucks, cost about $300.

I hate strats, mostly because I can’t stop myself from turning the volume down- imo it is the worst-positioned control on any guitar.


And if you drop it (a LP, that is), the head will likely break off.


I’m pretty sure that guitar will produce a colorful sound.


I’m going off to try the same thing with CRAYONS! How do you like that! Shuts down BBS browser and somehow, mysteriously, also shuts down this thread.


The Fender Stratocrayon.


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