Fantastic interview with Martin Luther King Jr.

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Bernice King would like people to remember her mother Coretta too, on days like this and actually any other time.

She’s crediting her mother for the peace initiative, and of course for persevering after her husband was killed.

I do know that on June 7, 1982 the World Peace March arrived at the UN, someone giving a welcoming speech, and then across the street to the park for a lot more speeches. Hers is the only one I remember anything specific, sounding like her husband in presentatation, but sounding like her own woman in content. She forever lives within us because of that.

But I’ve found some snippets of other history. She may have known Marjorie Swann, of the Committee for Non Violent Action, in university, and I saw something indicating Marjorie babysat the King children, though maybe I have that reversed.

Of course riff-raff jailbird WWII pacifists helped to form the foundation of non-violence after the war, including the civil rights movement. Bayard Rustin, Jim Peck, George Houser, James Farmer and others went to prison instead of war, and some campaigned to desegregate the dining halls as soon as they landed in prison. Their legacy is there in the Journey of Reconciliation, the Freedom Rides, SNCC and just the everyday organizing.


He was such a good speaker. So concise and engaging.


The bootless bootstrapping is a better metaphor than I’ve heard in modern times. This needs to be revived.


Totally unsurprising how quiet this thread is compared to the ones concerning “oppression” of young white males.

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See thread for a compilation of gruesomely inappropriate “celebrations” of MLK:

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That entire thread, and not a single Paul Mooney disappointment gif.



Amen, brother. King’s got a way with those metaphors, I just love 'em.

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