FBI chief demands an end to cellphone security




In case the FBI director hasn’t noticed, the American justice system has many hindrances to crime solving built into it by design, and for good reason.


What the fuck does he even mean by “front door”?


Pardon my uncouth response, but that guy is a dumbfuck and he can basically suck on my fat hairy kiwis. I’ll be keeping my phone locked against him and the chinese… and I’ll thank him to take his technologically inept american hating paws off of my baseband as well.

'Merika Fuck Yea!


The House of Hoover continues to not surprise…


the FBI has the number 1 best idea ever. guess which finger i’m gesturing number 1 with.


Are corporations and government agencies taking turns in trying to convince humans that no one but them may be trusted in any endeavour at all?


Bwahaha! How many people give a toss what this turkey demands? I’ll start my own local cell service instead of go along with this gullible BS.


Just ignore the clown and continue developing.


What he means is: privacy is for the rich.


Christ, what an asshole!

A power-drunk, self-important asshole!


So, basically, Comey is just lazy? He can’t be bothered doing actual investigations to build a case, and would rather just look at your more ill-advised selfies.

I mean, I’m lazy too, so good on him for that, I guess. But I don’t really expect you to bend over for my laziness. What a weird sense of entitlement he has.


I remember that back in the early days of home computers, when the FBI didn’t even have what most consumers could buy, someone from the bureau floated the idea that computer companies stop developing faster hardware until they could catch up. I don’t know how serious they were, or how they thought other countries were going to sit back and comply, but it’s always a mistake to tip your hand and let the other guy know how disadvantaged you are.

Necessity being the mother of invention, if our own government had a steadfast history of championing our own Constitution, we probably wouldn’t be demanding this level of security from our devices, despite the number of nefarious hackers out there


Privacy being necessary for the security of a free people, the right to keep and use encryption shall not be infringed…


Maybe the authorities should have thought about the possible blowback before they started illegally carrying out mass surveillance. It’s a bit late to complain about it now.


Mr. Comey did, however, say that the law’s revision should require
communications providers to be able to unscramble messages if presented
with a court order. That would not require building back doors into
encryption, but would require the providers to be able to unscramble the

We’re not asking you to break encryption, we just want to make sure things aren’t encrypted somewhere along the way where we can get our hands on them.

Sure. why don’t you just store my passwords and credit card info as plaintext too. What an asinine idea.


1993 called. They want their Clipper Chip back.


One does best to assume that no communications method is secure from spies and hackers.

That said, why make it easy for them? Let the FBI earn its eavesdropping privileges.


[Sarcasm] I hereby Accuse James B. Comey of being a Chinese Agent.
Step 1. Have a backdoor legislaturally installed in all encryption devices sold in the US.
Step 2. Have the encryption key be handed over to the FBI.
Step 3. Chinese hackers acquire the encryption key from the FBI.
Step 4. China now has the ability to intercept any and all communication in the US.
Therefore, by demanding this, Comey is acting on behalf of the Chinese. By the standards of “giving aid and comfort” to an enemy of the United States, he is a Chinese agent. :smile:


Dang it! Now I want a shoe phone.