FBI has fleet of secret spy planes with tech to identify people through their cellphones

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Surely if one was involved in actual naughtiness, (rather than just being a normal excessively surveilled person) you would take precautions against things like this these days. Have people not seen the Wire? Would people not have a modicom of tradecraft?

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One would think they would, but many criminals are dumb. Your point is well taken, though. I don’t think this is all about catching bad guys. Mass surveillance seems like a pretty inefficient way to catch criminals.

I can see legitimate applications for this tech. If I crashed my car and went off the road, I’d love for them to find me. If I break my leg hiking I want to be found. If I were suspected of murder and mayhem and a real judge or magistrate gave the FBI a real warrant to just look for me then I am okay with this. The issue for me is the utter lack of boundaries and oversight.


I have a feeling the budgets for this stuff are approved under “terrorism”, but in reality it is mostly used against the lower hanging fruit.

I also believe stuff like this surveillance is why the cops have those property seizure laws in place. They cant use the illegally gathered evidence in court, so instead they make a law to seize the assets without a trial.


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And when this technology is used to surveil wives and ex-lovers of cops, I wonder if they will practice good tradecraft? What a chilling idea, when you examine it.


Of course they have a warrant right?



ahh , 3 or more , separate fleets ?? why can’t these folks learn to share ?? besides , the nsa has all of this data from normal cell phone towers and trunk line data streams anyway !! but , hey !! more ’ civilian ’ pilot licenses , more work for a&p mechs , more smallish private planes , more work for fbos , hooray for subsidies !! oh , and can i get a ’ mini stingray ’ for my sport cub s ?? and , 5142 66972 fe45a 9927b " your mother in law has enough groceries " repeating " your mother in law has enough groceries " 71829 ef9d7 f345a ( yah , my numbers station drop here uses hex !! i am ( a ) pagan minister , work it out ! )

You could do better with Base32. No uppercase/lowercase distinction as for Base64, so easier to read aloud especially using the NATO spelling alphabet, and can be used for encoding binary data chunks with ease.

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