FBI seizes LA school district's Ipad purchasing docs


Should have gotten the chrome books.

They issued construction bonds.

To buy Ipads.

I think I found the problem.



Cory made it his New Year’s resolution (I think) this year (I think) to eschew the use of inCaps.

His reason was that it is a style purely associated with branding, and therefore free advertising to multi-billion dollar corporations.

That’s my memory, anyhow.

If you disagree, you might send him an eMail about it :wink:

I think I would prefer Apple tablets. Debrand them down to the manufacturer name, like calling something a google or maybe android tablet. Specific enough that everyone knows what you mean without allowing any marketing stylizing or spin.
As to the story, I suspect that a well coordinated and planned accidental-on purpose corruption oops like the swaps on the Chicago school bonds(if it really was that) would be structured by a legal team to be water tight. It would be the do-gooder, who is just trying to get some tablet computers for kids, who would go all amateur and end up with the FBI raiding their office.
It matters not whether kids need tablet computers, rather that evil intent usually considers getting caught and covers it’s tracks, good intent hopes for the best and ends up in jail. Can’t say either way but from the story it looks like a amateurish bungle with no personal financial upside for the suspect.

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I was a teacher at a school that had an aggressive (for those days) put-technology-in-the-hands-of-the-students philosophy. I use the word “philosophy” deliberately, because as a policy it was not well implemented.

It was specifically the issue of teacher training, and also buy-in, that caused the problems, not so much putting Palm™ handheld computers in the hands of every student.

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Yep, I see this all the time: lots of money for equipment (often at the expense of other, more needed, programs), but no money for training. In my opinion, there’s no point giving tech to students unless you actually have a plan for how and when to use it – and what you want your outcomes to be.

In my classes, when kids figure out how to hack things I say, “Yay! Isn’t that cool? Now look what else you can do – if you learn to code…”

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