FCC planning new Internet rules that would gut Net Neutrality, radically transform our lives online



YOU! Stop reading comment sections for 10 minutes in order to write to all three of your congress-critters. Let them know you will only support (i.e. vote for) politicians who actively fight for Net Neutrality.


Is it just me, or is ‘Tom Wheeler’ not nearly supervillain-enough a name to go with that face? He isn’t quite up there with Chertoff; but still definitely in that vein.

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And call your provider, since they are now selling YOU to the content providers ask for your cut of what they get for pimping you out


Wish I could believe that would mean something, but my ‘congress critters’ are from Tennessee so I am sure they have already been bought and paid for by both Comcast and AT&T. If only voting actually meant something…


make the default service equivalent to a 28.8K modem and the list price of high bandwidth extortionate, then make ‘deals’ with everyone apart form the undesirables. simples

That’s the most frustrating aspect: it’s not that there are other constituents arguing in favor of no net neutrality (why is everyone capitalizing that, by the way?), but just these lobbying interests.

So it’s not a matter of some constituents want one thing and some want another, but one of arguing that members of Congress should be listening to their voters at all. How the hell did we get here?


Because America works more like an oligarchy than a democracy, according to Princeton researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page:

http://goo.gl/ASBM4W [princeton.edu]


Hey Tom Wheeler,



I see the FUD is strong with BB tonight.

The FCC supposedly will take comments. It didn’t say they would listen

“But the FCC, in an upcoming meeting, will vote on whether to open the net neutrality
proposal up to public comments, though the plan is not finalized, the
agency official said.”

That link seems to be down right now. Tried it three times.

I listen to net radio. Independent radio like WFMU. Will they be bulldozed by the Disneys and Netflixes into obscurity? Or shoved off the web entirely?

Is there still time to at least attempt to stop these bullshit rule changes? (Fuck Obama too, for putting lobbyists into positions of power).


The fact that you expect your representatives are not in favor of net neutrality is more of a reason to take the time to contact them. I didn’t bother to write to one of my senators, Ron Wyden (D-OR), because he has been a champion for net neutrality for awhile. I did write to my other senator.

Will your single message make a huge difference? No. But most politicians offices actually do notice when there is a high-volume of people bothering to contact them about an issue, particularly an issue where they haven’t already dug in their heels. Politicians offices know that for every person who contacts them on an issue there are hundreds/thousands who feel similarly but who don’t bother to write in…


They probably haven’t cut a deal with your ISP yet.


Sometimes I wish Obama really were a socialist.


Sorry, I’ll look for another. I added the quote above: not open to comments yet. But why not write to them anyway?

That was excellent and what we’ve all already known. But what can we do about it?

WFMU can raise money to build a performance space and buy a whole building, I am sure they can raise money to keep streaming alive. And if they can’t they can just sell off one of their transmitters.

What does this mean for internet entrepreneurship and small business? Have the winners been decided? Want to create a new streaming video service or social network or whatever? No longer will your service be just as fast across the wire as your competitors.

Huge problem.

YOU! Stop reading comments for 10 minutes in order to write all three of your congress-critters to let them know that you only support (i.e. vote for) politicians who actively fight for campaign finance reform and a constitutional amendment to undo Citizens United.

Fight the root problem.