FCC takes aim at spam texts and robocalls

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I am all about the ketchup theme to every headline today.

All. About.


Just wait till you get the cease and desist order from Heinz.


i get spam imessages/texts all the time and i hate them so much. sometimes i accidentally click on the message, and that freaks me out because i feel like they can tell when i’ve “Read” them on iMessage. sometimes they come from a phone number but usually a sender like “asdfguief50@imessage”, and the message is usually vacation related… “freee cruise tikitz 4 u!! call 555-5555” or something like that. the other day though i got one that said “your behiind looks good in those skinny jeans!!” followed by a bit.ly link… i was like umm ok…? :flushed:

“…it goes too far and will prevent companies that use robocalls and autodialers for legitimate purposes…”

Describe for me ONE legitimate use of robocalls and autodialers, please.


“can block”
“may block”

Let me know when they start using the words “must” and “will”…until that happens, I don’t see how anything will change.


I get a robocall when my son’s school is closed due to snow. I think nonprofits may be exempt, and I’m sure that any company with which you have a “prior relationship” is allowed to call you - your bank, for example. I dunno if I would want a robocall from them every time they had a sweet deal on mortgages, but it might not be a bad idea when the bank gets hacked and the Russian mafiya knows your mother’s maiden name now.


Nothing will change until a govt agency starts tracking down the people doing the calling. I don’t understand why this is so hard for people to get their heads around.

Next time Rachel at Card Services calls a honeypot phone at the FCC, an FCC employee (it could be a contractor, or a volunteer!) engages the caller and his company in a complex transaction. Now: find the perps; sue them; get a court order taking away their phone lines.

Um, this does require an allocation of govt workers and lawyers. The only people to benefit would be the public, namely us. Perhaps we’re not considered worthy of the investment of time and energy, or am I just being negative?

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How many times are we going to see the condiment on the left? Ketchup against humanity?

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Easy: my doctor’s office gives me a robocall to remind me of my appointments a week ahead of time. Which I’m pretty grateful for, really, since I suck at remembering this stuff. It doesn’t really require a person on the other end of the line to convey, “Hey, you’ve got an appointment on Thursday at 4 PM.”

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Thank God someone’s even talking about this. These frequent calls drive me crazy, and the Do Not Call lists are obviously toothless. I’ve asked telemarketers: “why in the world would I trust you and do business with you when the only thing I really know about you is you broke the law to call me?”.


The only times robocalls are acceptable:

Appointment Reminders.
Notifications from school/business of changing situation and they have to notify a few thousand people at a time.
Bill Reminders (annoying but hey it needs to be done.)

Attempts to sell things should be expressly illegal.

I want the FCC to go after spam. Preferably with flamethrowers.

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