FCC tells Paypal to knock it off with the robocalls

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Note that Homer’s auto dialer is set between manual and auto… sentience. The end is nigh.


Didn’t they already sell the info and the damage/profit is done?

For all the Nay-sayers about government regulations this pay-pal stunt is a poster child for exactly why we have to have them. Christ! What a bunch of Assholes.


They lost my account with that stunt and will never get it back. They were annoying and obnoxious enough already with their arbitrary thefts and refusals to transmit funds.


If a little person were to break a law, say making a Jerkey Boys prank call tape the full power of the United States would be directed at imprisoning them and leaving them with a lifetime struggling under a felony record. OTOH as long as you can blame a corporate ‘person’, a business, the gentlemans agreement goes such that the executives who ordered this suffer no fear for their personal freedom or assets, only monetary sanctions to the business and perhaps blunted stock option value.


Of course. That’s the whole point of a corporation. Saying “corporations are bad” will not change that.

The messed up part of this is how the economics work. I haven’t really looked at telemarketing, but I’ve been involves in a few junk mail campaigns. If only 0.2% of the public responds, it’s profitable. As long as they get one in 500, business will keep on doing it - and I’m pretty sure telemarketing is a lot cheaper.

I closed my vintage 2001 PaPal account yesterday.

While they may eventually back down on this, their intent is clear and I don’t want to have to guard my financial information at every turn.

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I have no problem with insulating shareholders and sometimes officers form risk letting the corporation take more risks, not unlike the mostly positive compromises we made by accepting other scams like fractional reserve or inflation of fiat currency which keeps cash out of mattresses. Just like personal bankruptcy it lets people try amazing if risky stuff by offsetting personal ruined life risk. The problem is that we let the money ratio between corporate persons far outweigh the power of individual humans who can only show up at a voting booth but do not have enough free speech(money) to lobby like a hired professional lobbying firm.


My paypal account is still blocked because of a fraud alert that requires a truly draconian process to unlock
(I think I stopped at the scanned driver’s license and then required call in part (hey–I bet they can out-comcast comcast by treating this as an upsell opprotunity!)).
Now I’m sort of thinking I need to get this resolved and hope for these illegal calls and a massive class action penalization dogpile when they decide to be above the law.


Waiting for one last Cafepress payment to go through and then closing my account.

Now if they can do something about the dozen robo & junk calls I get daily, despite being on the no-call lists. These laws are toothless for the most part.

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