FCC won't force companies to honor Do Not Track

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Who needs privacy when you plaster your naked selfies all over Facebook? The internet is for celebrity, not privacy.

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Best to have users take control, via browser tools like Ghostery and Adblock. They don’t see me and I don’t see them. Just as I like it.


The FCC might not force companies to honor Do Not Track - but will you? If even one out a thousand people do something to these companies to complicate their infrastructure, funding, communications, etc instead of merely complain, I suspect that progress will be made. There are many more of “us” than there are of “them”.

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Does anybody ever trust Do Not Track to actually do anything? Even if the FCC had some sort of regulation would it even be enforceable? I don’t think so, so Ghostery and uBlock stay on.


How does Ghostery compare to Disconnect?

Do I need both?

I notice that with Disconnect running, turning off ABP (and AdBlock, I appear to have both?) doesn’t result in any ads appearing anyway. I guess that sites only want to serve ads with tracking built in?

So, even the sites I’m happy to see ads on don’t want to serve me ones that work in a way I’m happy with.

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I haven’t used Disconnect, but what Ghostery (IIRC) does is simply show all of the scripted connections from each site. I don’t recall that Ghostery blocks them, although that might be a feature. Otherwise, one would need to use another utility for that, which is what I am guessing Disconnect is for.

What I do every so often is install Ghostery and add addresses I am avoiding to my etc/hosts file. This way I can also avoid those addresses easily if I need to switch browsers, use another non http program, or keep programs from “phoning home”.

Another option is “NoScript”, which shows external connections and allows the user to allow all, allow none, or pick and choose.

The ideal solution I think is to make it the norm that any site should ask users explicit permission before trying to redirect or load anything from anywhere else. For the masses at large, it should be assumed that they are controlling their internet navigation.

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