Federal appeals court blasts North Carolina's unconstitutional, Republican gerrymandering, orders new districts by Jan 24

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Please set a precedent and lead to meaningful change, please set a precedent and lead to meaningful change, please set a precedent and lead to meaningful change…


Are you holding your breath? Have you passed out yet? :worried:


The precedent has already been set.

From here it hopefully expands and becomes definitive.


Yeah, that’s more what I meant than pure legal precedent. Let’s cross our fingers, but heh, yeah, maybe not hold our breaths… :slight_smile:


Well they have a legal president that outlines a purely legal test. And a case it two headed to the Supreme Court outlining multiple mathematics tests. Both of which are already resulting in lower federal courts pushing back on gerrymandering. And there are good reasons to think that enough Supreme Court justices are pissed about the subject to see something actually done about it.

It’s looking good at the moment.


I know she deserves to retire, appreciate why she hasn’t, and love how she’s making the most of it:

Gorsuch went on to give his colleagues a civics lecture about the text of the Constitution. “And where exactly do we get authority to revise state legislative lines?


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is bent with age, can sometimes look disengaged or even sleepy during arguments, and she had that droopy look today as well. But, in this moment, she heard Gorsuch very clearly, and she didn’t even raise her head before offering a brisk and convincing dismissal. In her still Brooklyn-flecked drawl, she grumbled, “Where did ‘one person, one vote’ come from?” There might have been an audible woo that echoed through the courtroom. (Ginsburg’s comment seemed to silence Gorsuch for the rest of the arguments.)

That is some BAMF shade.


Glad to see some success on this front. PA is still a work in progress:

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