Feds charge 13 in hacking attacks on anti-piracy groups, financial institutions that blockaded Wikileaks


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Way to go after the real crooks.


They are a threat b/c they can do the same damage that the government can do, and that cannot be permitted.


The DoJ is a joke. Fire Holder yesterday!

How Not To Be An Activist 101: Launch loud, ineffectual criminal attacks on the corporate enemy that make your side look like dangerous, unstable criminals while not actually significantly harming your target. Advertise your attacks with sinister imagery while bloviating aggressively about “revenge” and “payback” to make yourself as frightening as possible to the typical voter. Your target image here is “action movie terrorist”–the Mandarin from Iron Man 3 is perfect.

Ideally, when you’re inevitably arrested, try to show the press the deer-in-headlights look of a spoiled child discovering for the first time that actions have consequences, in order to more thoroughly discredit your cause. “Dangerous and clueless” is the takeaway you want for the man on the street. Time will tell if these boys follow through on the endgame.


Anonymous [citation needed]

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Anonymous used a simple hacking tool called the Low-Orbital Ion Cannon. It could be tailored to launch a variety of packet floods against a target, zero networking or security knowledge required. Only problem is, the tool would come directly from your public IP address. This is the Internet equivalent of spray painting yourself day-glo sparkle pink, marching up to Fort Bragg, and chucking rocks at the guardsmen. While screaming “Marines are f*****s!”

Anonymous: You’re Doing It Wrong.

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