Finally! An e-reader for people who hate holding a book

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This reminds me of an SNL parody commercial from the 1990s advertising a really clunky Virtual Reality book reader system.

Can’t find a video clip but here are some screenshots.


I love my ereader!


more info

I like to do my errands with a book in hand, half paying attention to the road ahead of me, half absorbed in a thrilling novel. ( well, as thrilling as my french or german will allow)

My kindle paperwhite is pretty decent for that-- only wish my device was one of the waterproof ones.

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step #1: Ctrl-F $ (search for a dollar-sign): nada.

step #2: grumpily stump to waaay over-glitzy-fied pop-upped web-page, have to select “Buy” and…: $350.

alas, have to sport one super sexy comic-sans to extract that from stingy ol lump.
(“can i root it and run linux?”)

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Saturday Night Live S20E04 - Dana Carvey : SNL : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

about 6 minutes 30 seconds in


I originally saw the price touted as “1/10th an Apple headset”

Well yeah, but that’s still damn expensive for this. The only thing that makes it attractive to me is the adjustable diopter, although with the screenshot of that pixellation, no thanks.


Yeah, in theory I like the idea for reading in bed, although not at that price point. But the 256x256 resolution is a deal breaker.


I would love a product like this. As a 40-something adult with ADHD I have struggled with book reading my whole life. Audiobooks were the only thing that has kept me literate. Between distractions from people, household chores, etc. I get squirreled pretty easily. 20 min. max before I can’t keep my attention focused. Between that and the hand fidgeting and toe-tapping, it is a struggle to literally focus on a book that won’t stay still.

Often times I have wished I could turn off the picture to a movie and just sit in the dark and read the subtitles at 3x speed. It is hard to make it through a whole movie, but knock 2/3 of the run time off, and I would have a chance.

To exclusively read for 30 minutes without distraction sounds like a dream come true.


My HP palmtop still does the job with a free text file reader.


I would use something like that in bed, with my bad eyes I have to hold whatever I’m reading just right for my glasses to work.

I wouldn’t use anything like that in public because i wouldn’t want to be cut off from my surroundings.

Either way the price is way too high


Is it made by Dyson?

I legitimately thought this was a BoingBoing Shop ad at first

I wish i knew where to get a pair. My mother is advanced in age and has difficulty holding a kindle for prolonged periods of time these day, she has always been an avid reader. It may very well be a niche market for these but, i plan to find a pair for mom


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