Fingerprints can be reproduced from photos of your hands


great. another tool for the authorities to set you up for crimes you didn’t commit…

Option 1: Stop pretending that biometrics are ‘authentication’ when they are, at best, identification.

Option 2: Come up with some flimflam about how this proof of concept was totally unrealistic. While doing so, draft the ‘Secure Biometrics Misuse Act’, making any similar actions, regardless of intent, a felony to commit, disseminate information about, or aid someone else in committing. Finish your hard day’s work by buying the biometric security solution with the shiniest tech demo.

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This makes them nearly perfectly unsuited to use as authentication tokens

Sounds like a good rule of thumb.


This has implications for publishing one’s own project photos, where things are held in hands at close-up.

I think we just need to move along to rectal scan, it’s the only way to be sure.


And, according to US law, you can be compelled to use your fingerprints against your will. They are treated as keys; passwords and passcodes (thing in your mind rather than on your person) are treated with more respect. So, the convenience of fingerprint scanners over passcodes comes at a cost.


Great idea - if your auth token gets compromised, just ask someone to tear you a new one!


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