Fire 7 Tablet

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Very nice but we from canuckistan must simply ignore such deals as unworthy of attention (bloody devices is still not available above the 49th parallel).


Don’t buy one of these to root it; the latest versions have no method.


You just saved me 30 bucks… :beers:


You can’t root it, but you can install the Google Play store. That said, I did that on my dad’s and the Gmail app constantly closes. Which is a shame, because for the price it’s a lovely bit of kit, it’s just horribly locked down to amazon.

I’ve had two, a first generation and now one that I got about 2 years ago when they were on sale for something like 40 bucks. For me, it’s primary use is to download audiobooks from the library via Overdrive, and blue tooth them into my car radio for my two hours of daily commuting. If the book ends before the drive, I also keep a few hours of music (my current favorite is Serena Ryder) so I don’t have to listen to silence or static as I finish my drive through the Pennsylvania mountains. I’ve also streamed music and video through it with no issues.

My only complaint is that sometimes I have trouble keeping, or getting, a full charge. When this happens I can generally just power off for a few hours, and then it comes back fine. I’ve had the same problem with both, but honestly, that’s my only complaint.

US$49. Following the link gets you the Fire 7 for regular price, not US$30.

You’re welcome. Luckily, I just recently looked up that very issue ^^’.

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