First impressions of Amazon's Echo Dot

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Thank you, in advance, for both reducing the volume of space not monitored by Big Data as well as increasing the coverage for future DDoS attacks. I am glad you won’t have to walk all the way across the room to use a smartphone or other computer to do searches.

Ugh! Within minutes of writing this my bank sends me an email telling me how easy it is to access my account details through Alexa. Whole new vistas of fraud are opening on the horizon.


A conversation with a bank employee is pretty simple and predictable. The bad guys already have AI good enough to carry the conversation, and your metadata, so all they need now is voice samples. Thanks Alexa!


Apparently, this device will also synch up with your player piano.



Why be concerned about the government secretly recording you when you can have a commercial company do it for you with your willing consent?


Alexa, buy whatever Amazon link shit bb is posting today. Actually, keep that active at all times. Thanks, Alexa. Now I will definitely be bb lifestyle complete!

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Butbutbut… it’s curated! It’s artisinal! For God’s sake, it’s 3d printed!

What if we throw in some truffle salt?

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No, you’re the puppet.

(I couldn’t resist.):peace:


I would still prefer a tabletop voice assistant that looks like Madame Leota and speaks in rhyme. Guess I’ll have to make that myself. Now where is the Linux version of Siri/Cortana?

There’s Mycroft. I don’t know how it compares though.

Thanks. I’ll check that out. Hadn’t heard of any platforms like this for
Linux before.

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