Fixed: an app to help you fight parking tickets


Not sure but I think it costs money to contest ticket in LA, ends up costing almost as much as ticket.

I know this probably isn’t a popular notion, but why not just put enough money in the meter and stop parking in tow away zones? About 20 years ago I realized it wasn’t worth the headache and anxiety and now I just plug the meter. It’s just the cost of owning a car.

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I wouldn’t feel a need for this except for the free market parking spaces thing going on now. If it is a market the consumer has power in collectivism.

I don’t have a problem with the app, nor do I have a problem with the free market parking setup you quoted. The app will be useful in the few times that there actually are issues that would mitigate a ticket, such as a broken meter, mismarked spot, etc., with the understanding that just because you think you find a problem with a particular parking spot doesn’t necessarily mean the court will agree. It’s probably a handy thing to have if you feel slighted by a ticket as it offers the necessary reporting tools that would be most useful in such a situation.
SF’s parking situation is awful–I’ve been one of those slow rollers trying to find a spot–so maybe it will be good in that the parking load will be spread out to other areas and maybe make folks actually get out of their cars and walk a little bit. There is the obvious problem that the poorer folks are being priced out of the market, but that seems to be the standard lately for SF.

1.5 million parking tickets a year??? That’s more than 4,100 parking tickets per day. How is that possible?

Where do you see the problem? It all depends on how many people SF employs to check for parking violations.

100 tickets a day should be certainly doable in congested regions.

Hell, if you’d ticket bicycle riders over here, you could do 100 tickets in an hour.

(I use them myself, but I really, really despise the entitlement of some riders, who simply can’t work 100 metres and instead park in zones reserved for fire fighters and emergency cars.)

I worked in a grocery store in the local downtown area where street parking is very tight. A store employee who’s legally disabled (injuries from his tour of duty in Iraq) and parked on the street near the store. His disabled placard was displayed prominently on his dash where it was supposed to be, yet the meter maid still wrote up a ticket. He took pictures with his phone which were geostamped and timestamped. It took him a considerable effort with the city parking enforcement. He mentioned “ADA lawsuit” multiple times which would cost the city a minimum of $8K.

Not enough information for me here. Was he allowed to park there, due to his disability?

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