Flickr's top 25 images of 2020: all rights reserved

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Wait, Flickr is still a thing?

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That was my first thought as well!

Also, for the writer, the “preview in new tab” link doesn’t work - says I cannot view drafts. Might be something in the formatting.

The shot taken outside of Guilin is exactly as I remember it. Wow.

Fuck this pandemic, I want to travel again.


I had read the vast majority of images uploaded to Flickr and other image sites were created with phone cameras. I see all (?) of these images were from DSLRs. My cynical mind wonders if Sony Nikon canon etc were sponsors.


My guess would be that the best photos of the year were taken by professionals who would like to sell their images.


cool i could see it being a fun project to recreate all 25 images in a "seeded " version i definitely want to recreate the little island in the lake with a peanut in the sink.

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Complaints about people wanting to monetize their work ring hollow now that BoingBoing’s ads have become so intrusive.


There must be at least one pro on Flickr who licenses less restrictively, or one amateur whose less-restrictively-licensed image ranks as pro-level quality.

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