Florida's prisons change tech providers, wipe out $11.2m worth of music purchased by prisoners

If they had a captive (ha!) market and the option to either sell them a device outright or rent them a device, I’m 100% sure they would rent them the device.

MP3s that cost $1.70 – nearly double the going rate in the free world.

The “contractor” is buying MP3s at retail prices, probably on Amazon, and reselling them to the inmates with a 100% markup.

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Came here to see this noted; top post it was. ‘Glad’ we’re on point with our Orwellian visions of the future.

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Is this a troll post?

It’s should be obvious that it is not a competition for who’s suffering the most.
Are prisoners in Kenya, or North Korea even worse off? I’m sure they are.
But, everyone’s suffering from pain is real to them, and at the time.
It’s the same with injustice, too: A corrupt system virtually swindles these people out of money, it’s like stealing, people suffer under it, that’s why it’s amoral, and that should be the end. There’s no final score for how much amoral it is.


“Tomorrow I want you to take that R2 unit into Anchorhead and have its memory erased. That’ll be the end of it. It belongs to us now.”

Meh. Torturing and belittling robots is no fun. The super rich need live peons for that.

And airports.


Hard to wipe memories when the wiper is also a machine. If you completely take out humans from the process of automation the automation isn’t yours to control anymore. This is why some folks are afraid of AI, not because they’ll be inherently evil like Ultron but because there’s likely to be no off switch or backup system if we did have an off switch. It’ll be primitivism or technological slavery if AI decides to not listen to us anymore.

New MP3 player won’t play MP3 from old MP3 player? Hmm.

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