For $1.5 million, you could own this large San Francisco Bay Area home featuring six bedroom, four baths, and a meth lab!

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Is that a pizza on the garage roof?


Well, San Jose is next door to San Francisco and there’s more than a fair amount of big tech within short driving range. When working in San Francisco a few years ago, I often had dinner in San Jose.

I also remember a small lot with a burned down house (that was only 2br1ba) that sold for over a million while I was there. I assume SF’s and environs housing market still sucks?

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Coincidentally a friend of mine in Vegas yesterday told me that he was browsing a realtor site for the area, and the house was messy in the pictures, and for the bathroom you could see that the homeowners were making meth or something because they had a bunch of chemicals out. I need to get the listing link from him, hopefully it’s still up


… we can call San Jose “the county seat of Silicon Valley” I suppose :roll_eyes:

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Given the cost of removing chemical contamination from the structure, this essentially means that this plot of land is worth $1.5M plus the cost of demolition of the current structure.

And yet, this is going to be replaced by another single family home, because like 94%of San Jose, that’s all you’re allowed to build there. No wonder the bay area has a housing crisis of gargantuan proportions


tempting mycroft holmes GIF by BBC

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One crummy exterior pic and apostrophe abuse on top of all that. How delightful.


I’ve thought now and then that having various lab equipment (centrifuge, burner with a magnetic stirrer) repurposed for kitchen use would be cool, but not if they’re all meth-y.

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So, is the Meth lab still functional?

It would probably help with the mortgage payments on a 1.5 million house.


Looking at the lot size, I’m not sure what else would fit there. Maybe a duplex.
Certainly not something larger.

I get that real estate prices are all local, but that still seems like an insane price per square foot. I’ve lived in areas I thought were overpriced, and this is even more insane. Even if wasn’t a teardown but already a nice house.

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