For a minute there, John McCain demanded resignation of NSA director


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Oh, damn, sorry guys, I forgot and almost did my job there for a second. It won’t happen again.


It was my understanding that he was demanding that Alexander step down because he allowed the leaks to occur, not because of the things the leaks uncovered, so…either way still not doing the job of representing the well-being of his people.

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While this is interview and subsequent events are deplorable for a number of reasons, the complete lack of regard for internal coherence even in a single sentence always gets me. For example, “what’s happening in Syria is a regional conflict, which will sooner or later involve the United States.” What region is that, exactly?


Actually he was demanding that Obama should step down for allowing the leaks to occur. Afterward he realized that he had also called on a military officer to resign and naturally withdrew the demand against Alexander while continuing to call for the President to resign.

Which only really makes sense if you are a senile partisan hack who is used to being told how great you are by your staff and admiring beltway pundits.

What is astonishing here is not that these buffoons act as they do, it is that nobody in the beltway ever dares call them on it. Lindsey Graham is treated like a serious person despite threatening to hold up the nomination of the Fed chair over a crackpot Benghazi conspiracy theory that has just been proven a lie.


Poor McCain. I always got the impression that he actually does have a working sense of integrity, and it’s strong enough that he occasionally blurts it out loud before remembering what his job is. Not a good trait for a politician to have.

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Really? I always get the impression that he used to have a working sense of integrity, and made a conscious effort to jettison it in favour of presidential ambition.


This is just the normal McCain/News cycle at work. He says something bold and honest, flash bulbs go off, headlines are written, he’s hailed as a maverick, and he walks it back.

I suspect there’s something in those flash bulbs, to make him do that every time. Darn them, spoiling his moments of integrity like that.


DC is a slimy pit of sewage. I always get the feeling Spiegel only interviews Washington’s elected for the schadenfreude.

This is why the GOP is struggling so hard to connect with most Americans right now. Opposing an unpopular domestic spying program seems like a perfect opportunity for the opposition party to assert itself. Attack the current administration, decry “big government” AND take a popular stand for freedom? It should be a win-win for those guys. I wonder if Chris Christie is paying attention.

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