For the best of reasons, The Slants won the right to trademark racially offensive slurs -- and now there's rather a lot of that

So you do think “damn vegans” is as offensive as the other terms on the list? Seemed odd to me.

My boss is a proud Vegan and lets everyone know; but then he used to Instragram his pre-Vegan meals, so I think that is just him rather than his Veganness.


" Like a team playing defense, these trademark owners seek to register marks to keep the rest of the public from doing so."

Hmmm, that’s a new application of trademark law. Never heard of anyone doing that before.

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Slope: geometrical term or racial slur?

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But not, apparently, the slopes.

ETA Beaten to it by @karl_jones

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That’s N.W.A though, not “The N…”
Just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know a youtuber who goes by DJ Slope, but IIRC it is referring to ski slopes (I think from a video game he was really into when he picked the name?)

There are some slurs who have non-slur uses.

I’d like to know how they managed to trademark a symbol that’s been in use by a wide variety of cultures for centuries, in particular China, Japan and India, I’ve got a kimono-style dressing gown given to me by a girlfriend who is half-Chinese, it’s got interlinked swasticas all over it.

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I saw the Gutter Sluts at the Roxy in LA something like 25 years ago…

Man, its a goddam International Para-temporal Nazi Conspiracy!

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