Former SpaceX employees sue over labor law dispute


Lesson Learned: NEVER TRUST THE 1%. They hate us and will ALWAYS fuck us over.

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Here’s a quick reference link to the Federal and California WARN Laws.

Yeah. F*ucking one percenters. Starting companies, trying to create jobs. They should do better.

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But it isn’t the 1%er, it is the 25%er who doesn’t have the skill or commitment to get the engineer a better fitting job. There is lots of blame, but to even be considered at Spacex you must be exceptional. So if a top engineer can’t work out how and why they should be working there, maybe a change is needed.

And keep in mind the lawsuit is over the classification of the firing, not the firing itself. I am sure the individuals in the suit are fantastic, and a ‘with cause’ on your resume is tough, but hey you are now with a fraternity not unlike msft or oracle :). I would hire a spacex engineer with a ‘with cause’ on their resume any day over a 20 year vet of CA.

(Sorry CA vets :D)

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Some “job” if you get CANNED for no reason, with no warning.

It’s never for “no reason,” friend. And yes, most jobs are such that you can be let go if things go a wry or of you don’t perform.

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