Four great SoundCloud songs you've probably never heard

Alright, I’ll be the judge of this.

does soundcloud have a decent discovery mode? most of my music has been found by listening to pandora stations for bands i like then branching out to other stuff it brings up, same w spotify. it would be cool to be able to plug in some well known stuff as seeds to get recs

Scale of 0 to 5.

“Decadence” by Gr._.ff: 3.5
I would see them play.

“Going Up?” By capt beard: 1.0
Not for me.

“The Road of Gold” by Jonas & Warren: 2.5
Nice guitar riffs.

Flying Cars" by Larry Goldings: 4.0
Tones! TONES!

Wow, 3 hours!

3.8. I could listen to this while I was doing things. Ambient music.

Thanks, intriguing stuff so far!

Edit: Pretty cheeky, this guy. :rofl:

Good feels.


I’ve been a metalhead for the past 38 years, so none of these worked for me.

Although I do also like Hawkwind, so the psychedelic elements in the Jonas song kept me listening longer than any of the others.

No offense, please, but make mine metal.

Please keep doing this Jane.


Where all the women at?


There’s always boingboing’s own Tasmin Bailey

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Is this the right thread to post a bbs’ers SoundCloud? Asking for a “friend”:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


can i plug my own garbage music here?



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I’d love to hear it!

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post away

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Oh alright…


Ok, one more. This is my most played track ever for whatever reason…


My band does have a soundcloud, but for us most streams come from Spotify & Bandcamp. We keep it more for completeness sake.

Most of our songs are in Dutch, so I’ll share our surf instrumental (RIP Dick Dale)

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When this thread closes to new comments in three days, if anyone would like to share links to music that they’re enjoying and feel it’s overlooked or outside of the mainstream, please share it over here:

As for these four, I enjoyed the first and third the most. Especially the third.

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