Eclectic Musical Taste

My taste in music runs a fairly wide gamut. So wide that I don’t think I can list all the genres that I legitimately enjoy. I even have several collections of “song-poems” that make me happy when I listen to them.

There was a point in my life when I had no use for country music, but then I found a few artists I enjoyed, like Charlie Feathers and Eddie Noack, so I can no longer say that’s true.

I’ve also, over time, ran across songs that fellow boingers have linked to in comments that led me down many unexpected paths full of delight.

So what I would like to do is this:

  • Anyone interested in playing along, please share a link to a song that you legitimately enjoy, but think is outside of the mainstream; something seldom heard, obscure.

  • Please keep it to one (or at most two) links per post.

  • Please don’t give anyone grief for the selections they share. One person’s “obscure” might be someone else’s “mainstream” depending on your/their tastes.

If you play along, thank you. I’m really looking forward to what other people have to share.

Since I mentioned them, I’ll lead off with one from Eddie Noack (although I’m pretty sure this one has been rerecorded a time or two, I still like it):

and one from Charlier Feathers:

and finally (breaking my 2nd rule already), something from another end of my taste spectrum (my wife will not listen to this… ever):


jandek— i have about 80% of his released discs and 3 of his concert dvds


Not the best sound, but this was all I could find online:


I like this but I wouldn’t say it makes me happy. Is that weird?


This one does make me happy. Yes, I posted this to another thread recently.


Some people’s happy…
“I am the wife of Mao Tse Tung” fr “Nixon in China”:

Baroque hymn in Quechua:

Undoing World,” by Tony Kushner and performed by the Klezmatics:


I can’t help it. It really cracks me up every time.
Not something you can dance to, though.

That was interesting. Right at the edge of my wheelhouse, like David Thomas. I’ll see what his other songs are like. Thank you for sharing it.

I really liked this. Thanks for sharing it.

Not weird. I like it as well. It feels like a song that’s perfect for me to work to when I need to work fast.

Is it the song, the video, or both that you like most? I enjoyed both, I’m just curious.

True. Myself, the closest I tend to get to opera is Queen. That was certainly something new to me.

I like this. Thank you.

I really like this. Thank you.

You don’t have to be able to dance to everything :smile:

Not knowing much (any, really) German, the humor aspect is lost on me though. Can you provide a translation?

Thank you all for adding to this thread. I honestly expected it to be a bit more popular. Ah well. Hopefully others will join eventually.

For anyone interested, this is the playlist I’ve been listening to while at work for some time now. I’m up to #165, and have found numerous interesting albums:


Both. Overall, it reminds me of a certain time and place in my past that I remember fondly.


Not sure how out of the way these are, but:

I’ve been trying to get my friends to listen to Deerhoof for the last six or seven years. So far no takers, but I really like them - they’re a mix of silly, noisy, and technical elements mated to some mutated J-Pop.their records Friend Opportunity, Offend Maggie and Deerhoof vs. Evil have been in heavy rotation on my phone since 2009.

Joanna Newsom gets criticised for her singing and because she plays the harp, which I guess seems like it’s trying too hard to a lot of people. She can be tiresome, but this stripped down version of Clam, Cockle, Cowrie always makes me smile and sing the harmonies (poorly).

I went on an alt-country kick a couple years ago and have retained a strong affinity for Hayes Carll and James McMurtry (well some James McMurtry anyhow). Kmag Yoyo is the song the started me down that road.


They were out of my way at least. I enjoyed all three, but I really enjoyed Kmag Yoyo. I guess I’ll be heading down that road as well. I’ll also look more into Deerhoof.



Sure thing. I’ll post more things as they occur to me.

In the same vein as Kmag Yoyo:


I’ll toss up a few more.

The first is from DeVotchKa; I’m not sure how well known they are, I just know they are a band somewhat local to my area and they do a lot of free shows. I wanted to link to One Last Vow, but couldn’t locate an official video. This is as close as I was able to manage:

I like them because they remind me a bit of David Byrne with a twist. Maybe that’s just me. I was almost able to see them perform live, twice so far. But both times it didn’t work out.

The second is Sleeper and their song Shrinkwrapped. I got this album for a buck at a yard sale, and loved it. I have no idea how many times I’ve listened to it.

Finally, a band I know next to nothing about, so they could be huge. I have no idea!

Hooverphonic and Vinegar and Salt:


Diablo String Orchestra.

Swedish band that mixes metal, swing, jazz, classical, latin, opera…


I’m not a fan of everything BT (Brian Transeau) has done, but his soundtrack to the movie Monster has some truly beautiful moments:

Then there’s this song by a Danish group called Figurines.

And, one more… Blanck Mass, a spinoff from the group Fuck Buttons, which would be pretty obscure if not for having songs featured in the London Olympic opening ceremonies:


That sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks!

Thanks! I’m not sure why I find myself enjoying country music these days. Knowing my history, it’s weird. Although I still don’t like all country music.

When I was in the USAF, stationed at RAF Upper Heyford in England back in the late 80s, my roommate and our friend Ken would have music wars with the building across from us. They would play country, and we would play this, full blast, on repeat. Just set it and leave for awhile. I’m honestly shocked we never caught hell for that.

Ken was rabidly against country music.

(warning, it’s dirty)

My favorite song of Ivor Biggun’s is actually clean:


Best power-pop bands you never heard of:

Not exactly obscure, but neither band ever seemed to break out of regional fame.


Maybe this is bending the rules a little, but it absolutely never fails to move me, sometimes to tears. Maybe it isn’t all that obscure but people generally know Vangelis for movie soundtracks, so… It reminds me of so many things and ideas and also hope for the future. It is huge and I can’t play it loud enough, something I didn’t find again until “Silence lends a face to the soul” by Saxon Shore. The key change around 3:30 is just so damn sci-fi too.


I was not long ago introduced to Lavender Country, the first gay-themed country album/group, which was scandalous in 1972 when it appeared.

My New England friends gently mock me for the “country” music I listen to, which to me is just rootsy folky stuff.


For 60s coolness, it’s hard to beat Bill Pursell’s “country-noir” (assuming such a genre has ever existed) pop-jazz piano and Hammond organ driven orchestral piece. I love how the strings subtly change pitch as they fade.

If perfectly recorded twangy guitars is your thing, then “Approach” by Pell Mell should work for you. Genius musician/producer Steve Fisk was the “permanent” member in this band of changing line-ups.