Awesome Song Thread!

A request - as you post, please type out the name of the song + artist to help searching

Got any lost gems to share? heard this one on an oldies station and was just blown away.

Climax Blues Band - Couldn’t Get It Right


I’ve got a lot of stuff that people describe as awesome. Well, aw-something, anyway. :hear_no_evil:

Not exactly an oldie*, but definitely a goodie. The Sisters of Mercy with the late and utterly amazing Ofra Haza on guest vocals.

* 20 years old? Seriously?! GTFO.


Nice! love me some SOM. here’s a more recent track that caught my attention

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Just because Mark’s dentistry post got me thinking about it…

I love Eels. Finally saw them a year or so ago, E was great.

Beautiful Freak came out right around the time I started uni, I remember the posters around the union. Ah, nostalgia.


I’d never heard this version, but it just came on the radio and knocked me on my ass.

being a fan of the original version, i recognized it immediately, but damn, it’s different. The dichotomy reminds me of the single-vs-album versions of the Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation.”


working my way through the thread now. @AcerPlatanoides holy hell, that’s badass! Both the track and Climax Blues Band are totally new to me–thanks!

that DM and Sparklehorse sounds like ELO, which in my case is not my cup of tea. DangerDoom is my jam, though. The list of guests on DNOTS is insane, is it all like this track?

@daneel nice song, video is very cool :^)

This was the title track of the first Genesis album after Peter Gabriel left. That alone should be reason to hate it, and yet for some crazy reason I was addicted to this when it came out in 1976:


One of my all-time favourite live bands is the Alabama 3. The best C&W band ever to emerge form the Brixton underground dance scene.


I can’t say that this is an oldie, but I listened to this song like 20 times today, cause it’s so awesome - a live version:


Dude… we just have to admit it… SofM are an “oldies” band now… I always loved that song when I was out clubbin’. Those were the days…


Not all of it, but I’d say there are 3 to 5 keepers. “The man who played god” is a track made for high end headphones.

If you liked the Climax Blues Band, what do you think of this one?

One of my all-time favorite songs from waaaay back in 1980, this is “Funky Poodle” from “Wild Horses”.


Cool. Little hint of early Elvis Costello about it. I likey.


Bumping this thread …


me likey.

that era of what we now call classic rock was so groovy. I don’t really know a lot about that scene, though. my go-to example of that style is Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” or maybe Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen,” but neither of those are “lost gems.” Mountain’s live version of “Long Red” might qualify if it weren’t for the fact that it was so damn groovy that it’s become one of the most heavily sampled breaks of all time. the whole track is awesome though.

however, on the topic of groovy classic rock, I can contribute one truly lost gem. this one came to me also because of it’s break. this guy Davy used to come into the shop I managed with all these really obscure records with dope breaks on them that he would dig for at flea markets or wherever. He alleged that he used to be the record boy for Grandmixer D. ST back in the day; in any event, his record knowledge was unmatched. When he came in with this one, it went straight into my crate, cuz I love rock-n-roll :slight_smile:

@6:14 if the embed doesn’t do the time mark thing, it’s acting buggy on my end.

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speaking of rhythms-

Requiem pour un con - Serge Gainsbourg


ha ha, another guy I know pretty much only because of a “big sample,”

as used by Portishead and the Beatnuts, to great effect, IMO.




Despite loving the movie “Singing in the Rain”, I had not heard or seen this earlier version of the song (just about everything in the movie is an older song, from the catalog of the producer), until today.

If you don’t know of Cliff Edwards, but his voice seems familiar… he did “Jiminy Cricket” and a bunch of other Disney songs for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The guy made a mint in the 20s, and blew it on (on riotous living, basically). He died pennilessly in 1971.


Not vouchin’ for the vid, but this song from an import EP has been a consistent favorite over the years.