Defiant Song Thread

Clearly there is some crossover between the awesome and awful song threads. Inspired by:

What are the songs you love that your friends hate? Whether it is the production, or an interpretation of a theme, a baseline, or something else. Are there songs or musical influences you would hold up in one hand while flipping the bird to the rest of the world? This is the home for your musical pride or secret shame. (Warning: It’s not so secret anymore.)


I find it hard to believe that anyone could hate Wuthering Heights.


Blood is Pumpin by Voodoo and Serano.

It’s an emblem of the long dead genre of acid-pyro-trance, and nobody I know likes it, but it always gets my blood pumpin

I think all the hate comes from the fact that it sounds a little bit like Sandstorm and comes from that era, so it’s a poisoned well situation.

wow, that’s an incredible rip off of higher state of conciousness by josh wink

edit: ha, this was apparently a rip off of another song which itself lifted the 303 line from the josh wink tune.

Basically, this track is a slightly tweaked and pumped version of the 1996 tune ‘Up To No Good’ by the ‘Porn Kings’. In substance, it features the same borrowed 303 acid hook, from the Porn Kings tune, which in itself was ripped straight from Josh Wink’s ‘Higher State Of Consciousness’. Add a few trance pads, loose the helium vocals and you essentially have the same track. Low on invention, but high in appeal and energy; it works predictably well on the dancefloor.


Post or GTFO.

I feel no defiant love towards it though, just a memory of my early raving days.

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Welcome to my white bread youth.

@tropo I told you we’d both regret this.

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I regret it too. Why’d I have to hit play?


I can’t stand most pop/rnb type shit, I once listened to this song about 20 times in a row one drunken night though:


Not my normal thing either, but they are working the rhythm overtime and it’s hooky as hell.

They’re different 303 hooks between Higher State of Consciousness, and Blood is Pumpin. The rythm’s a little different, and the Blood is Pumpin hook is on an inverted arpeggiation from the Josh Wink deal. But yeah, still pretty much a ripoff.

Between Blood is Pumpin and Up to No Good, the 303 hook is exactly the same.
Chronilogical order newest on top, oldest on bottom:

As you can hear, the Josh Wink line is the oddman out, but it’s definitely a predecessor. They’re all Acid Trance anyway, so they’re very little variation you can achieve in the first place.


Oh, and here’s one I really love that literally nobody I’ve met has ever liked. I think the only reason I like it is because I used to make the same kind of shit in FL Studio back in the day. Back when it was still called FruityLoops. I can pick out exactly what he did in every part of this song and copy it in about half an hour out of the standard sample libraries and synths in FL Studio to this day, yet it seems impossibly complex. It’s actually very simple. Don’t let the tempo fool you, there’s only like 15 patterns in the entire song.

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We may yet meet and this sentence will still be valid.

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It’s the song that immediately runs through my head whenever I read a headline talking about a “Gentleman” here on bb. I think it’s an appropriate theme song for the fever-dreams of the mad who we consider “Gentlemen”.

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I’m a big snares fan, love the crazy time signatures. he recently put a bunch of stuff on his bandcamp page to try and pay off some big debt than just landed on his doorstep or something, he then stuck up a bonus album as a thank you which was cool.


As a percussionist who started about 34 years ago, and has a penchant for non-standard time signatures, I won’t. :slight_smile:

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His album art is really fun too. My favorite is the cover of Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole. Poop slug grenade FTW

It’s almost entirely chopped up Amen Break as far as I can tell. That’s how I copied it anyway.

Here’s my “I know how to kill a party” entry. Although you can’t beat it for driving at speeds well above what the law allows. That’s what I hear anyway…


Was this in a movie? I could swear I’ve heard it in a movie somewhere.