Four years of Trumpist surrealism and horror in one Book: Into the Trumpverse, comics by Ruben Bolling

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Ruben Bolling has two new Tom the Dancing Bug books coming out.


hmmm…I remember pre-ordering the Super Fun Pak book a few months ago…

ok it says ships 7/15 on the Cloverfield or whatever site…and 8/15 on the promo.

I love Ruben’s comics, but it feels a little too one-the-2020-nose for the seven pull quotes on the back cover to be written by seven white men.

I’m sure it was the publisher’s decision and not Ruben’s, but come on Clover Press! Read the room!


As much as I would like to cram the last four years down the memory hole, my inner collector nagged me to order these. It’ll look great on the shelf next to G. B. Trudeau’s book Yuge!: 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump that I bought in November of 2016, and Mitch O’Connell’s Trump Tijuana Bible.

Great to see these terrific strips compiled together in print!

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