FOX affiliate considers saving $816 over 65 years news


So between one and two cubic feet if stacked


Boing Boing consideres Fox Affiliate article about man saving 816 USD over 65 years news.


Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have a penny.


Compared to some of the stuff I hear from Fox News, I think that is more newsworthy.


If he picked the old ones that aren’t debased with zinc but are still the original copper, how much would he get for the metal by weight?

Also, what is a chance that some collector-valued coins of higher market value than $0.01 a piece are in the stash?


It took me a minute to figure out exactly why this post annoys me.

Every single news service in the USA runs human-interest fluff pieces to fill in space and keep people amused. A good chunk of BoingBoing’s content is reposting those fluff pieces, which is fine. But this BoingBoing headline is suddenly acting like there’s something wrong with that. Why? Because the publisher in this case is a FOX affiliate, and this lets us get in a cheap shot against FOX News, who we rightfully hate because…they do cheap, dishonest stuff like this.

And now someone will be along in a minute to explain why I’m an asshole for making this post.


Did they mention that this was John BoHner, the hi dinky do of the KockBroTeaBagger held US Congress?

Dude is SLOW! We had a “penny pot” by our front door when all the kids were still at home, and even after non-authorized filching we aggregated about $700 in pennies in 15 years or so.


I’m not going to be that person, because this article has the feel of “punching down” to me


Preemptively calling yourself an asshole is a dickmove. (Satisfied? :smile:)


Some people actually do this - buy as many pennies as they can from the bank, separate the old ones, and send the new ones back to the bank - waiting for the (hopefully soon) day pennies are no longer currency and can be melted down.

At current prices, you’d make about 50 cents a pound profit, which means sorting through between 150 and 190 pennies per pound. Sounds like an incredible waste of time if done by hand.

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io9 had a post about someone who replaced every use of the word ‘love’ in Corinthians with ‘Tim’. I think today’s just a slow news day.

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You don’t have to wait. But you should take care to not get caught; easy if you have the furnace and don’t have to outsource the task.

Or incredible fun if you make a Lego Mindstorms (or so) contraption for auto-sorting.

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And illegal. You are not allowed to scrap pennies.

It is illegal to melt pennies, but legal to melt old silver coins like Liberty half dollars. For instance a “Mercury dime” is now worth a buck.

If he had used those pennies to buy $50 Series E savings bonds, each bond would have been worth $240 dollars.

Or if he had saved 1950’s “wheat pennies” in uncirculated condition, they would now be worth 40 cents each.


@Michael_R_Smith considers Boing Boing post about Fox Affiliate article about man saving $816 USD over 65 years comment-worthy.


Even with the price of copper being beat up in recent weeks, the metal content of a penny is around $0.017


And don’t get me started on what @Brainspore thinks about @Michael_R_Smith’s comment on what @jlw thinks about what Fox affiliates think are newsworthy articles.


I’ve always thought that hoarding pennies like this was a very unhelpful thing to do. We wouldn’t have to mint so many pennies every year if people like this weren’t keeping them out of circulation. The cost of minting a penny varies from year to year, but is generally about $00.01 so this guy cost the government $816 in unnecessary minting costs over 65 years. This may not sound like much, but, if you add up all the pennies being hoarded by everyone, it’s probably a small but significant drain on the economy. Doesn’t sound like something a patriot would participate in. IMO, Fox got the political slant of the story wrong.