Fox uses someone else's YouTube video, then orders YouTube to remove original video

And the several-minute-long Peter vs. Chicken fights, which they also did several times.


I actually like the chicken fights. At least they had to go to the effort to storyboard and animate it. Instead of just dropping in a youtube clip. Like what they did with Conway Twitty and the game glitch thing.

But also I’m biased because I dislike country music and crooning.


Worst. Chicken Fight. Ever.


Why as many as three strikes? What we need is for a few people issuing bogus takedowns to be jailed for perjury, which is a serious criminal offence.


I prefer a bit of Game Theory here, as three strikes is a bit crude.

Adjust copyright so that every takedown must declare the value of the goods. If the company chooses to sue, then that value is the maximum they can get. (We end statutory damages, which is a nice side effect.)
Of course, of the DMCA is bogus, then you are liable for three times that value.

This effectively forces copyright owners to ascribe a fair value to their works, or bankrupt themselves. Imagine a small ecosystem of law firms that specialise in doing bogus DMCA claims… It’s in the hands of the copyright owners to remove that ecosystem entirely, but I bet they’ll be just greedy enough at first that it’d happen… :wink:


I think we just need to use the same kind of math the entertainment industry uses to set fines for infringement.
Let’s see, youtube has about a billion users and has paid out about $1 billion in royalties. So each user seems to be worth about a dollar. They took down a video with 115,000 views so they own the youtuber $115,000
Or we can go with the idea of fining them for each Fox viewer who watched that episode of Family Guy as potential lost youtube views.


Yes! Also the FBI needs to raid the offices and homes of everyone involved in making the episode, and confiscate all of their electronics. Then, months after everything is settled, return the items with files missing from them. Oh, and trigger the search with a subpoena which includes a paper copy of the video, one page per frame.


Youtube needs to comply with the law, but they have gone much too far. How about this, current system, but if you get your claims successfully disputed, youtube starts making it expensive or hard. As I understand it, DCMA works like this, right holder makes a claim, you get to counter, if you do so, that’s it as far as the hosting provider goes, right holder may sue you, but they cannot force it down via threatening the hosting provider.

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These damn pirates and their time machines!


Yeah which was made first would seem like a basic part of the abitration process.


As long as the original is reinstated and Fox surrenders all profit from the episode along with a lump sum payment for damages.

And of course the YouTube uploader retains copyright over that episode in perpetuity.


Whatever the weather’s like on that planet, I want to move there. Meanwhile, back in reality…

Fox: “Assume the position, peons.”

ETA: Ugh, sorry. Feeling especially sour today with that man shoots sick wife story.


Asymmetrical rights is always a problem, including copyrights


Aye, and the unchecked lobbying and get-what-you-pay-for justice system that keeps them asymmetric.


Multinationals could really rally behind that one. They tend to have debt assets otherwise naming themselves.


That came out nicer than the “what corpses are in Seth MacFarlane’s (Fuzzy Door Productions Rights Backend’s) well rotting this week?” lemonade analogy, though I think Akamai-ing (er, global local cache and peering for cloud assets for) everything better is 3 hours’ (worth of F=2.4 images of a dinner plating) lost. Off to dine with the Gotos and Hommesidre-Airmfilles then.


Probably, a human wouldn’t have recognized it as a family guy clip.

“No, your Honour, I didn’t shoot that postman. I just installed a motion-detector-triggered machine gun on my front porch as a security system.”


Akamai has local caches, but what they accomplished in 2001ish was putting some relatively open proxy servers on big pipes.

They did it was Linux, PhDs, and venture capital… but you can do everything without the VC and what you get, in the end, is to keep your freedom.


Please start a wiki with beginner tutorials about how to do this … noncommercial digitally faciltated social spaces. :slight_smile:

There are some other fun projects to support, like farmers’ markets, study groups, art shows, music festivals, STEM classes …