Frazetta's "A Princess of Mars" painting sells for $1.2 million at auction

It’s been years since I read the book, but I seem to recall that the princess’ outfit was bottomless as well. Sort of everythingless. Potent stuff for the imagination of a certain randy 60s adolescent in the days when there was no Internet and even Playboy was sold from behind the counter.


There is a great documentary about Frazetta called “Painting with Fire.” I caught it on Netflix years ago and really enjoyed it. At the time of the documentary, he had had a stroke that rendered him unable to paint with his right hand. Not wanting to stop painting, he trained himself to paint with his left hand. The projects he was working on looked just as good as his old work, although I’d guess that he worked more slowly. Still, I was completely impressed.

My earliest exposure to his work was the jigsaw puzzles that my uncle owned. A Princess of Mars may have been one of them, I don’t remember, but Death Dealer definitely was one. If he hadn’t lost several pieces from them over 40+ years they might have been worth a fair amount of money now.


That would be perverse.

I think they are described as wearing jewelry for decoration, nothing more. It’s fortunate that Mars is such a warm and hospitable planet so they don’t have to worry about freezing. Then there is the mystery of how an Earthman could reproduce with an egg laying martian…


Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise a kid…


John Carter of Mars/Princess of Mars is a fave in our house. A Q original hangs in our living room.


here is a video clip of style king Kase2 identifying another bite (rip off) of this painting on the movie poster of The Beastmaster. it should be queued up if I did it right:

in my head, I always say “Frank Frazetta” like Kase2.


I’ve been doodling Conans on my “work notebook” all week, this must’ve been why (I mean I also have a “frazetta” album on my phone that I visit like a pocket universe for rolling mental/emotional hit dice during an IRL short rest, so…)


Was it just in this style or did it copy the composition of this piece as well? I’d be tickled to think there were countless versions of this picture.

In fact…


…it’s cold as hell

(thanks I was WAITING for someone to take up the next line, or at least start it!)


Not a one-of-one mock up but very much this stuyle – seem to recall it was a leggy maiden drooped on the leg of the man – probably a tiger behind them – I think they were standing on a small planet (not quite “The Little Prince” small but visibly curved). It’s been about… oh, my married life ago that I last had it up…

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