Free Morrowind today (25th March 2019)

Morrowind is free today (25th March 2019), if you have a account. I might get it, to go with my Xbox version, PC CD version, Steam version and GOG version.

Remember, your ability to attack is tied to your stamina. No stamina and you won’t ever hit anything.

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Hmm… Is it any good?

Bethesda? ewwwww.

It’s graphics are very dated, although you can mod that, and no-one would make a game with that stamina based attacking now. It was enjoyable when I played it about 10 years ago though, once I realised why I wasn’t hitting anything. That might be nostalgia though, especially as I could barely walk because of CFS at the time. I spent most of my time exploring when I couldn’t in real life.

I’d say it’s worth a look, just don’t expect it to be Skyrim.

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