Freight company owner busted for putting GPS trackers on police cars so truck drivers could avoid them

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Ummm… all executives are bastards, too?


What were her trucks doing that they needed to avoid the police? Or what were the police doing that was better avoided?


I still think it a bit odd that Waze gives me a heads up on cop location. Especially when it was doing so in Cookie Monster’s voice.


it’s legal when the cops do it.


Probably, she was just avoiding the police in general: corruption in China means that if you’re doing someing such as unloading in a non-parking spot, speeding, using unlicensed or improperly licenced vehicles or drivers, or any small infraction that the cops see or make up on the spot, the fine can be paid on the spot (i.e. bribes) to avoid the rather notorious courts. But she could also be skimping on maintenance and running vehicles with illegal exhausts, broken lights, or similar issues, or even using illegal workers, such as foreign nationals or Chinese citizens who moved to the area without government permission.

Either way, in China, it is generally acknowledged that ACAB, and are best avoided, and I can only think that the relatively light sentence reflects the courts opinion that the police in the area deserved avoidance, and her real crime was in being caught.


It does? Wow, I would’ve switched from other GPS systems a long time ago if they’d led with that in their marketing instead of live traffic updates. :thinking:


I’ve had g-maps alert me to a cop sitting on the side of the freeway with radar. Wow, worked like a charm. But the false positives far outnumber the actual hits.

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